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Keller Charges Dropped - Didn't I Report This A While Back?

Oh, lookie, lookie - Husker Extra is reporting that the charges against Sam "Cup Chucker" Keller are being dropped.

I think I told y'all about this a loooong time ago when I reported on how much damage was caused by the cup. And I thought I was slow on the uptake.

Reasons for the charges being dropped? Any one of the following is plausible:

  • Tom Osborne no longer runs the state, but Steve Pederson does
  • Eye Witness Told Police "Cup was Paper, not Plastic", thus destroying the case
  • Keller went out with older sister of alleged victim, sister described as 'nice'
  • Keller allegedly ratted out other gang members - Binky "Can Chucker" Barnes, Butch and his sidekick Woim, known for rolling trash cans off roofs onto parked cars across Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sidekick Woim and Butch the Bully - Ratted Out By Sam "Cup Chucker" Keller.
You know they ain't happy and bad things will happen later.

-- JJ --