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Afternoon Coffee (Who Drinks Coffee Just in the Morning Anymore?)

A Florida Gator offensive lineman has been arrested for firing a rifle in the air during an altercation with another human being. Said he wanted the other guy to know what it was like to be scared. Apparently being an enormous offensive lineman isn't enough. It was a semiautomatic rifle, though. Those are much scarier than your other types of rifles. Much less scary than the bolt, lever or single-shot varieties, although the Winchester 94 has always been one of my favorites.

The Oklahoma booster who paid Rhett Bhomar all that money to get fired from the Sooner says  he "never liked Rhett Bhomar anyway", and then left off the rest of the sentence "but not so much that I didn't hire him to do nothing." He had no knowledge of what was happening. Rhett Bhomar didn't intend to break any rules. Maybe the state does that to people. Those silly Oklahomans.

Not nearly as silly as Colin Cowherd encouraging his listeners to attack a web site and 'blow it up'. Given the right circumstances, someone should check into whether or not he's broken some laws and then we could see just how funny that would be. Oh, especially this part:

Many organizations can suffer financial loss as a result of a denial-of-service attack and may wish to pursue criminal or civil charges against the intruder. For legal advice, we recommend that you consult with your legal counsel and law enforcement.

U.S. sites interested in an investigation of a denial-of-service attack can contact their local FBI field office for guidance and information. For contact information for your local FBI field office, please consult your local telephone directory or see the FBI's contact information web page:

You are so glad that Houston Nutt is not the coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, aren't you? So am I.

Speaking of coaches, you wanted to know why Dana Altman didn't stay at Arkansas? Here are the top eight reasons. Fairly easy to understand, too.

Oh, we need to include something else Nebraska don't we? How 'bout this. Game used Nebraska golf stuff. It's the right time of the year, but they could get their wording straight. It's a little confusing:

Game Used Nebraska Cornhuskers Golf Bags Memorabilia.

This is a game used/game worn jersey from the Nebraska.
This item cannot be purchased in retail stores! The jersey was acquired directly from the Nebraska.

I'll bet these get snatched up by all those guys attending competing golf-outings on April 13th, don't cha think?