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Bob Huggins - Coach Slut

So Bob Huggins is leaving KSU for West Virginia. Hope he takes his couch.

Hey, I like KSU. Well, better than, oh.... well, someone who's not in the Big 12, I just can't think of anyone right now.

When KSU hired Bob Huggins I wanted to call, and say "you know he's a whore, right? He's just going to use you to get somewhere else", but you know how it is. It's really hard to tell one of your friends they're about to marry a whore, especially when they're so unbelievably happy with themselves that someone so pretty happened to finally notice them. The whore chats them up, telling them how much he loves them and makes them feel bigger than they really are. You know, does the things that whores do really well. You know that anything you might say is going to be taken as jealousy, so there's nothing to do but let it happen.

Some people just have to find out for themselves. You simply have to be there for them when the whore leaves and finds another idiot with a bigger paycheck. You just hope they'd learn their lesson and go out and find a nice coach for themselves the next time.

It's a vicious circle. I'm betting in about five years, Huggins is back at Cincinnati, where he'll win a bunch of games. Then he'll get fired for not recruiting the right kinds of guys, and/or not graduating his players and/or gets another DUI. Then he'll be out of coaching for a year before another program desperate for attention picks him up, putting lipstick on that pig all over again.

What I can't figure out is  - Who's the dumbest in this circle?

  • Bob Huggins
  • The school that hires a coach like a Bob Huggins
  • The fans that rally around him
  • The next school that hires him away from the first bunch of fools
  • The next set of fans

It'll be interesting to see who the Wildcats hire next.

Think I'm being hard on Bob Huggins? Get to the the 34th minute of this interview and hear just "How hard it is to leave your kids" and tell me he's not just spewing the bullshit that people want to hear.

P.S. I wrote this article a few months ago about Dennis Erickson but never posted it. I just switched some names around. This whole 'writing a blog' thing is a lot easier sometime than people let on. I'm guessing I can re-cycle it again next year.