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NFL Draft Comments - or How I Became A Packers Fan All Over Again

Adam Carriker goes to St. Louis in the first round, the 13th pick of the draft. He'll make a fine second-coming of Grant Wistrom. Gaines Adams and Jamaal Anderson were taken ahead of him.

Brandon Jackson went in the second round to the Green Bay Packers, the 63rd overall pick and the fifth running back taken. Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Kenny Irons and Chris Henry were taken ahead of him. Apparently Jackson is seen as a 'reach' by some, but I don't think that's the case. The Packers traded down to get him, so they reached down maybe? That's bad?

Stewart Bradley went in the third round to the Philadelphia Eagles, the 87th pick overall. That's lower than some expected, but Bradley can prove himself in the NFL, and he's with a good organization. Great for him.

Jay Moore went in the fourth round to the San Francisco 49ers, the 104th overall pick. Projections had him about where he went, so no surprises here.

How sad that JaMarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson get rewarded for having great college careers by starting their NFL careers in hell. Calvin Johnson seemed like such a nice guy, too.

I enjoyed watching the Packers fans boo when they made their first-round selection - defensive tackle Justin Harrell. Then they switched over to Steve Young who whined about the Packers not taking an offensive player - "What are they saying to Brett Favre?". Is anyone ever happy about the draft?

The good news is that I can remain a Packers fan after this weekend . If they had traded for Randy Moss, I had vowed that I would not be a Packer backer until the guy was gone and would go so far as to root for the Vikings. So  Moss goes to the Patriots and the Packers draft Brandon Jackson. I can remain with the Green and Gold!