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NFL Draft Previews - Carriker, Moore, Jackson and the linebacker no one wants - Stewart Bradley

The NFL Draft approaches. Nebraska has four guys who will be drafted, the only question being where and to whom they’ll be going.

I’d previously done draft previews for:

Adam Carriker - a first-round defensive end
Jay Moore - anywhere from second to fourth depending on who you want to believe (published at 49ers Blog Niners Nation).
Brandon Jackson - who’s coming out a year early and will benefit from an overall weak running back selection.

I didn't do a review of Stewart Bradley for one reason. No one asked. The other profiles were done because I'd received requests from other sites about Carriker, Moore, and Jackson, but not a single site expressed any interest in Stewart Bradley.

I find that interesting because Bradley could be a first day pick. There aren’t a lot of good linebackers in this draft, so like Brandon Jackson, Bradley will move up because of the poor selections available. Plus by most accounts he fits the outside linebacker role in a 3-4 defense, which seems to be taking over the NFL.

Seems like disinterest has played a large part in Bradley’s career as when he entered college he couldn’t even get his in-state Utah schools to consider him as a walk-on.  Bradley finished his last Husker season as the top tackler with 76 total, 41 solo, six tackles for loss, and three forced fumbles. Not bad for a guy no one wanted.

I find NFL Draft Day interesting because of the total nut-jobs it produces. I love the reaction from the guys who dress up and go to these things. If you think Alabama and/or Nebraska fans are crazy, WATCH the NFL draft. Grown up... well, physically grown up men who paint themselves bizarre colors, then boo just about every pick. It’s bloody hilarious.

Even more interesting will be watching the reaction of the message boards and blogs AFTER the draft. Before these guys play one down they’ll be projected as busts.

Maybe for Stewart Bradley, that’s a good thing. He seems to have done pretty well so far being the guy no one wanted. The NFL awaits, along with a whole gob of people who don’t want him there either which means he’ll do just fine.