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College Baseball Hits Around the Nation

Not good news for Husker fans as Nebraska pitcher Mike Harmelink has left the program. There has been quite a few problems around the Husker baseball program this year - perhaps a reason why they're not doing as well as we expected. Good luck to Harmelink, as it's clear there are some other issues he needs to take care of before worrying about baseball right now.

Great news for Texas fans as Kyle Russell continues to rock, hitting for the cycle. Okay, it was against UT Pan American (RPI:208) but everybody plays teams like this to get their stats up, don't they?

Russell currently leads the nation in home runs with 23 and slugging percentage at .899. Wow!

Despite having a good season, baseball attendance at Texas A&M remains low. Students are simply not going to the game. That's not right. It's your duty if you're an Aggie to get to your sporting events. Correct that error now!

I have enjoyed reading about the Big 10's baseball season over at Big Ten Hardball. I'm thankful that someone is thoroughly covering it because the Big 10 gets the shaft in college baseball more than anyone else I can think of.

Speaking of the shaft, if you ever get the chance, don't bother visiting the University Of Minnesota's Siebert Field. It’s unbelievable that the Gophers play in such a craphole while at the same time Minnesota turns out a good Big 10 team. Consider that due to Minnesota Coach John Anderson. I spoke with a couple of Florida alumns a few years ago whose son had decided to play at Minnesota. Reason - John Anderson and his coaches. Yet Minnesota won’t bother to improve that facility. Amazing. Embarrassing.

Rosie O'Donnell is leaving the View. I don't really care, but I thought I'd screw with the search engines. I will point out that because being a fat-headed blowhard brings so much fame, no one should be asking why  Mark May will never be fired.