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Beach Volleyball Coming Soon To A School Near You!

The NDSU series is cancelled due to bad weather. Thunderstorms. Probably really loud thunderstorms.  Bah!

Nebraska's Sarah Pavan and Jordan Larson win the Collegiate Nationals Championship  - a beach volleyball tournament - by beating Stanford (again).

The marketing potential of a competition featuring a group of elite women's volleyball players in swimwear was obvious. But Kathy DeBoer, the American Volleyball Coaches Association's executive director, sees the event as kicking off a dialogue about the possible integration of beach volleyball into collegiate sports on a full-time basis.

Well, how the hell is Nebraska or Wisconsin do that? As Pavan mentions in the article, we don't have beaches we have cornfields. You can bet if there's money in it and enough interest, we'll be building a new beach volleyball center. Of course, the NCAA is interested in is expanding the opportunities for young women who want to play volleyball.

In swimwear.

EDSBS Live Goes Retro tonight - check out the questions over at Burnt Orange Nation. Amongst the questions:

  1. Who’s the best pre-1990 college football team of all time?
  1. Your favorite pre-1990 football player?

As if someone could say anything BUT the 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers. Well, I suppose they could if they were from Texas, USC, Ohio State, or one of those places and completely ignorant of football history.

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