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Watson Castrates the Longhorns on Friday

Tony Watson held the Longhorns to two hits, Ryan Wehrle had four of his own, and Nebraska took another Friday game in a Big 12 series. Another big plus came when Augie Garrido was tossed from the game after arguing a call. In the college ranks, you're not likely to find an easier coach to dislike than "Argue" Garrido.

The big story, though, is... could this collegiate Big Red machine finally be up and running? The Huskers look good, and seem to have more than just one or two players clicking on all cylinders.

But, here comes another wrench in the gears.

Charlie Shirek and Mike Harmelink were suspended for this weekend's series. While I might joke that it's a relief that Mike Anderson can't put Shirek in to blow a game (see Wichita State...), this is serious business. This season, Nebraska has become the Cincinnati Bengals of Big 12 baseball. The suspensions have piled up. Tony Watson and Mike Harmelink, DUI. Andrew Brown, team rules. Erik Bird, team rules. Charlie Shirek and Mike Harmelink, vandalism and public intoxication. Harmelink has been suspended twice now, and according to reports, might even be facing some charges related to prescription drugs.

Mike Anderson has done the right thing so far by taking a firm line and suspending as many people as he has, but the message isn't getting across. You have to wonder just why these kids think they're going to get away with anything, anyway?

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Nebraska will look to take the series with a win today at home, and they'll do it before a packed house at Haymarket. I stopped by the park on my way to work today, over an hour before game time, and the place was packed. They were handing out free t-shirts to the first 500 students to enter, and they were long gone by 5:45. Haymarker offers a huge home-field advantage for the Big Red, and it's good to see the fans come out in droves for virtually every game.