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Baseball Weekend Preview

Take a look at this weekend's college baseball game previews, from Baseball America and the ACC Weekend Preview from College Baseball Blog, and CSTV's Eric Sorenson provides his weekend preview, complete with an IT list for college baseball.

Not to be outdone, fellow SB Nation Oregon blogger 'Building the Dam' posts a PAC-10 Weekend Preview.

Top 25 Match-Ups (From Baseball America)

Tennessee at (1) Vanderbilt
(2) North Carolina at (3) Florida State
(4) South Carolina at (24) Mississippi
(5) Texas at Nebraska
(6) Virginia at (14) Clemson
Central Florida at (7) Rice
Nevada-Las Vegas at (8) Oregon State
(9) Arkansas at Georgia
(10) Wichita State at Missouri State
Louisiana-Lafayette at (11) Arizona State
(12) Arizona at Washington State
Santa Clara at (13) Pepperdine
(15) Oklahoma State at (16) Texas A&M
Pacific at (17) Cal State Fullerton
(18) UC Irvine at UC Santa Barbara
(19) San Diego at Loyola Marymount
Louisiana State at (20) Mississippi State
Virginia Military Institute at (21) Coastal Carolina
Purdue at (22) Michigan
Houston at (23) Tulane
(25) North Carolina State at Georgia Tech

Some pretty big games and the conference races are heating up. Look at that top five list - you have a #2 versus a #3, Vanderbilt versus Tennessee, another top 25 match-up with South Carolina heading to #24 Mississippi. And then you have Texas at Nebraska.

The Big 12 hasn't been around that long, but in that short period, I think that Texas and Nebraska have developed a pretty healthy rivalry during that short time frame, probably bigger than any type of rivalry we have in football. These are teams fielded by athletic departments that want to be the best in EVERY sport. Most say that. These two schools mean it.  

This is a HUGE series for Nebraska. It's a series that Texas can afford to lose but would rather not.