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Monday Morning Coffee

Former Husker Will Shields has announced his retirement from the NFL. A record-tying twelve Pro Bowl seasons is enough for Shields, a freak of nature in the fact that his entire career was spent with a single team.

Take a look at KETV's Big Red Zone page for videos of Husker players after the spring game.

Keller or Ganz? It's obsession, but like I said before, why pick just one?

Fellow Husker bloggers Husker Mike, Big Red Network, Double Extra Point, Husker Information Minister Jim Rose, and a new entry, Husker Guy - all give their observations of the spring game.

No, I haven't done any observations from the spring game yet. I'm still waiting for news on Marlon Lucky's injury. Then maybe I'll say something.

I still love Broderick Thomas. One of my friends out of high school loved him so much he named a kid after him. Maybe it rubbed off because that kid is now playing baseball at Kansas State. (BTW, they might want to update their site. It's Kent and Deann, not Dean. That just looks weird.

I love it when people make fun of 'Bama. I respect the program's fans for being the most obsessive of any college team anywhere, but you have to see the Tide Pride Talk show. Great stuff, even in the off-season. God Bless Bear Bryant - the greatest human being that ever lived.

There are situations in which I might have been arrested for having my pants down, but never a situation in which I got into trouble for refusing to pull them up. Just how stupid is Cedric Griffin, Minnesota Vikings cornerback. What I want to know is - how does he explain this to his grandmother? I only mention him because he's from Texas. What a twit.