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Husker Spring Game and versus Oklahoma baseball

Nebraska plays Oklahoma in a double-header starting at 3:00 pm this afternoon - the first of which will be broadcast on Fox Sports Net.  

Then tonight we get the Spring Game televised on the NFL Network. The NFL Network is currently showing NFL Europa games. Not that I care, but it is football on in the background which is better than nearly every other sport on in the background.

Wow, what a day for spring sports! The only thing better than baseball and football on the same day is if they'd have scheduled it on the same weekend as a Texas baseball series at Haymarket Park like they did a few years ago. The Husker softball team is taking on Texas today. I don't know how many of you watch women's softball, but it's not like your lard-ass beer-drinking uncle's slow pitch softball, so if you're in Lincoln, get your butts over there and catch a game once in a while. Nebraska is currently leading Texas in the 3rd inning.

The Omaha Weird Herald has a list of things to watch for the Spring Game, including "A Boy Named Suh". I hate that moniker.  There's just not much imagination in it, is there? Could we come up with something else, like "King Kong Suh" - something that describes his size and strength rather than an old country song that doesn't apply to him other than everyone knows it?

How 'bout "RunAround Suh" as in the old Dion song of the same name, because if Suh is going to be that good, teams are going to have to run around him, aren't they? More on this later, it's a long off-season after all.

Comments from the Spring Game are welcome, so onsider this a game day thread for all the above.