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Spring Game on NFL Network

The Spring Game will be televised on the NFL Network at 8:00 pm Central Saturday night! I get the NFL Network!


  • Nebraska's Sam Keller tear it up against reserves!
  • Matt Davison join announcer Greg Sharpe in a nationwide recruiting extravaganza!
  • Bill Callahan talk in coach-speak most of the night!
  • No appearance by Steve Pederson!
  • Football-starved Husker fans brave crappy weather for a chance to see all this live!
  • No injuries (please!)

Is this great or what!!  And it’s on a Saturday night, so I propose a very simple drinking game for the evening.

  • One drink for every time Bill Callahan says "Great".

Chances are if you try this on you could wind up dead by the third quarter and I don’t want to be the one promoting binge drinking during a Husker football game, especially one during spring. It’s not real. You should wait until fall. Then drink in moderation, except for after a loss but then try not to swear so much during the 2007 season, something different for a change.

Okay I’m just kidding again, about that whole ‘after a loss’ thing. We won’t lose next year. You know it. I know it. USC knows it. Texas knows it. We just have to wait a reaaaally long time for it.

In the meantime:

We’ll see none of that Saturday night, unfortunately. I can’t believe such a big deal was ever made of it.

  • First of all, Callahan is Irish. Every Irishman I know has a great temper. If it doesn’t come out once in a while, their heads will literally explode. No one wants that. Well, maybe bloggers do. And Don Imus.
  • Second, anyone who has kids knows that this isn’t a throat slash, it’s the international sign for "I’ve had it up to HERE". I’ve used it several times this week and I’m not even Irish.

That is all.