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Erik Sorenson, the college baseball guy over at CSTV has his teams of the week up. For the Midwest he's picked Baylor and as Honorable Mention Nebraska. He has a point - both of these teams salvaged their seasons this past weekend.

Big Ten Hardball has pointed out that last weekend's cold spell may have some serious implications on the Big Ten's conference race as so many games were cancelled. This points out a serious issue with college baseball for Northern teams.

A little late, but Building the Dam has a good on about Oregon State baseball being the 'Best Story in College Sports'.

Kansas blog Rock Chalk talks about KU's chances of getting into the NCAA tournament field from where they're at this point in the season.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma and Wichita State got cancelled due to weather and will not be made up.

CSTV will be offering the Houston versus Rice baseball game on Friday the 13th over the Internet for $9.95. I think the cost is a little high, but I can understand that if you want to see Rice play, you're probably going to pay the bucks.

Anyone else think that CSTV will be expanding their network in the next few years like ESPN or Fox Sports has? We're a sports crazy society and there are tons of college sports that still aren't broadcast that are wildly entertaining, so why not?