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Morning Coffee

The Husker women lost last night to Iowa State, 79-76 in overtime at the Big 12 tourney. They had a three point lead in regulation with something like nine seconds remaining and couldn't hold on to beat the Cyclones. It was another case of not finishing the game, as they've done a four times this season. It'd be great to see them do some damage in the NCAA tournament.

Fellow Husker blogger Double Extra Point will be blogging for AOL Fanhouse, so congrats to Jeff!

Oklahoma blog Crimson and Cream Machine has a nice guide to Oklahoma City for those of you going to the men's Big 12 tournament. He's also handicapped the Big 12 tourney, putting Nebraska's odds of winning at 9-1.

(I wondered about putting a Nebraska icon in front of that bit of news, but... I like the irony of it, don't you?)

The Husker men's basketball team will be playing Oklahoma State in the Big 12 tourney tomorrow evening. Barring a huge tourney run their post-season chances are nil.

Now that the season is nearly over, what do you think of Doc Sadler's first year? Did he really make much of an impact? I liked Barry Collier when he first got to Nebraska, but Sadler did beat Creighton, something Collier couldn't do.

 SBNation has a new Packers blog - Acme Packing Company. It's about time, although they're just in time for Ahman Green to leave. Hopefully they won't pick up wastoid Randy Moss and maybe they'll draft a Husker, like Brandon Jackson. I can only hope.

The NCAA blog Double A Zone has released something called the Three Minute Drill, a video production with news around the NCAA. In the latest edition are some comments about the lack of minority coaches in Division I, the marketing of women's basketball, and the extinction of polar bears. I have to admire Josh Centor who does Double A Zone for one thing - he's doing a decent job of making the NCAA appear human, something you thought impossible, right?

And finally, perhaps the reason why we're not that good at basketball. On a good note, maybe it'll help with recruiting: