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Morning Coffee - Around the Nation

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If you thought that it can't get worse than Brent Musberger in college football broadcasting, think again.

Sunday Morning Quarterback gives us an Absurdly Premature Assessment of Mizzou. Bottom line - they lost eight starters on defense. Beyond that? They're still Mizzou.

Mike Leach is a great quote, even in Spring. I wonder if Bobby Knight has affected him?

Iowa State has set a record for season ticket sales. Don't know if you knew about this, but ISU Athletic Director had made it so that if you wanted to attend the Iowa - Iowa State game, you had to buy a season ticket. Rather than pissing people off, it must have worked. They finished 4-8 last year. They get Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma Kansas State and Colorado at home, not a bad slate.

Oklahoma ranks third in quarterback battles in the 25 Biggest Off-Season Quarterback Battles. Bottom line- read the next post if you think Oklahoma is going to fail miserably because of lack of a quarterback.

Our fellow Oklahoma blogger Crimson and Cream Machine has a take on the difference between the Oklahoma and Texas coaching staffs that you really should read. Especially if you're a Longhorn.

College football affecting global warming? What doesn't? Congress needs to get involved and propose a ban on artificial turf. Immediately, otherwise we'll all perish.

My apologies for not having a lot of Husker football stuff lately. I work in the computer industry, specifically on networks and communication systems. Between the debacle that was DST and a bunch of upgrades hitting all at once, I haven't had much spare time.