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Spring Football - Zack Bowman injured, Kenny Wilson Out for the Year

I haven't written with much seriousness about spring football because I try not to take it too seriously. The real seriousness of it is that it makes me nervous because of the possibility of injuries to key players.

I've been working on an article about who Nebraska could least afford to lose for next year, and then I see today's practice report, which includes this awful information:

"The other night Kenny Wilson sustained an injury while moving a television set and broke his femur," Callahan said. "It will put him out of action we believe for probably next year."

This sucks. Kenny Wilson looks like he could be such a stud, but life right now has other plans.

Bowman is also back on the injury list after a knee injury during 7-on-7 drills Wednesday afternoon. The injury was to Bowman’s non-surgically repaired knee and the severity of the injury is not yet known.

For Bowman's sake, I hope it's not serious. He could be a truly wonderful player for Nebraska and potentially a good NFL cornerback. If they don't grant him another year (no reason why they shouldn't that I know of), his stock will be much lower heading into the next level.

As with all things, time will tell.