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Keller Charges Dropped? Dangerous Cup for Sale on eBay

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Apparently the Disturbing the Peace charges have been dropped against Sam Keller for his traffic/parking altercation recently. Maybe that's a sign of him apologizing - which he did - and sitting down with the woman he offended, and talking things out. That's a good thing.

Or maybe it's a more insidious sign that Steve Pederson now runs the state. Take your pick, depending upon who you want to like or hate more.

Bill Callahan did issue a statement last Saturday:

Sam (Keller) has been very apologetic and remorseful for the event that took place. His discipline is being handled internally. I feel terrible about it and I know he feels extremely bad as well. He’s a strong individual and I know he is committed to taking the steps to becoming the best he can be here at Nebraska."

Apparently there's a lot to be sorry for after you see the damage that was caused in the cup-throwing incident. He must have one helluva arm, that Keller guy.

You know what that means. We're no longer in the Fulmer Cup (no pun intended). Maybe that's a good thing, but I have the feeling we haven't heard the last of Cup-Gate.