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Keller Cited for Disturbing the Peace!

Criminal bastard.  Source: (Hell!)

This is all it takes any more? You're cited for disturbing the peace and it makes ESPN?

Campus police cited Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller Thursday for disturbing the peace after he allegedly yelled profanities at a woman who took a parking spot he was waiting for in a campus parking garage.

Of course, we all know it's because Keller has mental problems and/or he hates women and/or he was given so many breaks when he was a kid.

The woman told campus police Keller got out of his car, yelled and threw a plastic cup at her car, said University Police Capt. Carl Oestmann.

Well, hell, right there it is. He threw a plastic cup at her car. I bet he glared, too. Maybe he glared for more than nine seconds without looking away. That would be ogling, another crime. They let him off easy. You know in Nebraska if you get three misdemeanors, you're automatically classified a felon and then go to jail for 10 years without time off for good behavior.  This crap wouldn't happen if Tom Osborne was still running the state.

I, personally have never yelled profanities at a woman (today) and it's completely unforgivable (unless she's fat, ugly, or cut him off) to treat women in this manner (everyone knows you wait until they get out of their car and then let the air out of their tires, proving Keller to be not-so-good at this whole crime thing).

See what kind of bad people that Bill Callahan is recruiting? Yelling at women. Throwing plastic cups. Next thing you know someone will get arrested for peeing in public, or displaying their bare buttocks. The program is falling apart. Now everyone knows.

Bill Callahan had a statement:


Wait. I wonder if it's my sister he yelled at! I'll have to give her a call.

Hey.... is this worth a Fulmer's Cup point? Even a half?