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Checking in on former Husker Joe Dailey

Former Husker quarterback Joe Dailey will switch to wide receiver as Butch Davis comes to town at North Carolina.

"He can run, and he's smart," Davis said. "I mean, this kid is brilliant. As a quarterback, he already understands coverages. He understands where holes are because he had to throw the ball into them.

Credit Butch Davis with realizing that Dailey is a good enough athlete and leader to help the team but that his passing accuracy (or lack thereof) isn't wanted in the backfield. It should have been apparent to anyone who saw him play at Nebraska that he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn while standing in it.

The quote from Davis sounds like pure BS coach-speak stuff, the equivalent of "She's nice".

In support of Joe - the guy has dealt with a lot of crap in his college career. He might as well worn a sign that said "I'm responsible for Nebraska's first losing season in 40 years" when he left Nebraska. At North Carolina things haven't gotten much easier, and yet Dailey remains upbeat.

"I came back from break, and I decided that I really don't need this. I moreso want this," Dailey said. "I wanted to do it, and I wanted to be here my last year and be around the guys one last chance. After that, it was pretty simple. It was an easy decision to make."

Dailey has stated that his future is in coaching. He could have graduated and moved on, but spending a year under Butch Davis will enhance his learning process no matter what happens to the Tar Heels next season. A very smart move on Dailey's part.

Best of luck to you Joe Dailey!