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Review: Stadium Stories - Nebraska Cornhuskers by Mike Babcock

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This book is part of the 'Stadium Stories' series by the Globe Pequot Press. The author, Mike Babcock covered Nebraska sports for 17 years for the Lincoln Journal Star and has been writing for Huskers Illustrated since they began around 25 years ago.

The book starts with the story of Trev Alberts recruiting process. It's a decent enough story, but the book drags a little bit in the beginning. It's when the book tells the tale of Tom 'Trainwreck' Novak and 'Touchdown' Bobby Reynolds that the book starts to pick up. By the time Babcock is relating the stories of the Devaney era, the book has reached full steam as it's clear that Babcock has quite a bit of information to share.

Not that many people seem to remember Tom Osborne's tendency toward a passing offense in his early coaching career, and Babcock does an excellent job of setting the record straight. He also does a good job of pulling in obscure facts, such as information about Nebraska's second bowl game - the Gotham Bowl in 1962, Osborne's consideration of the Colorado head coaching position the late 70's, and Bobby Reynolds' ability to set up downfield blocking.

While it seemed disappointing at first, it turns out to be a pretty good book - even the price is right. If you're looking for a good book about Nebraska football history - particularly the Devaney-Osborne era - you'll find it in Stadium Stories - Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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