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Morning Coffee

The Wizard of Odds has an amusing take on what's happening between Iowa and Iowa State with regards to tickets to the annual Iowa-Iowa State rivalry. Seems that both sides are trying their best to suck the fun out of a pretty good rivalry.

Anyone else think Iowa State is getting a little too uppity for their own good? Or are they headed in the right direction?

Last night, I went on the Blog Talk Radio show Mile High Report (about the Denver Bronces) as a guest. If you haven't seen Blog Talk Radio, it's kind of interesting - somewhat like podcasting, but somewhat more like Radio. Host John Bena and I discussed Adam Carriker and Brandon Jackson as potential members of the Denver Broncos. It was a little difficult because at the time I was driving home through a blizzard, but it was also fun. I certainly don't have a radio voice, but I always have an opinion. Give it a listen and as always, feedback is welcome.

Jim Rose has started a blog over at the very pro-Callahan Big Red Board. I think Jim Rose is one of the most knowledgeable people around about Husker football. I don't care for him as the play-by-play guy for Husker football. I think his baseball stuff is pretty good - enjoying listening to the games on the Internet. If nothing else, he should be an interesting read.

Mike Huff has a torn achilles, and Chris Patrick might be off the team. Arrrrrrrrgh say I, not like a pirate, but like I just dropped a big brick on my foot!

Tom Shatel couldn't get into the athletic department because of heavy security and writes a column about it, taking shots at Steve Pederson who later says it's to protect the security of female athletes. Good? Bad? Indifferent?

The Touchdown Club publishes an article declaring:

"So if you haven't done so already, it's time to send Steve Pederson a thank you note and let him know that you can see now that he was right all along. Thank him for keeping the faith."

Good? Bad? Indifferent?