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Big 12 Baseball Week Review -Week Ending March 19th - Hail Augie Garrido Edition

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Big 12 Baseball Week Review (Week ending Monday, March 19th)

Augie Garrido, head baseball coach at Texas, won his 1,600th game over the weekend as the Longhorns beat Baylor 3-2. Garrido is the only Division I coach to ever reach 1,600 victories something which seems to go perfectly with his being the most insufferable sonofabitch in all of college baseball. Congratulations to Augie Garrido!
Augie, the best and easiest to hate coach in the land!
Overall Big 12 win-loss records are updated on the left sidebar. Win-loss for the week is included below.

Big 12 Rankings this Week
USA Today/ ESPN Coaches' Poll: Texas, 9th; Texas A&M, 10th; Oklahoma State, 19th
Baseball America Top 25: Texas, 10th; Texas A&M, 17th; Oklahoma, 20th
Collegiate Baseball Top 25: Texas A&M, 8th; Texas, 12th; Oklahoma, 21st; Nebraska, 26th

Big 12 Weekly Awards
Corey Brown - Oklahoma State - Player of the Week
Justin Friend - Oklahoma State & Kyle Nicholson - Texas A&M - Pitchers of the Week

Baylor 1-3 Tue., Mar. 13 Baylor 5, Winthrop 2
Fri., Mar. 16 Texas 3, Baylor 2
Sat., Mar. 17 Texas 14, Baylor 2
Sun., Mar. 18 Texas 8, Baylor 3

I'm sure Baylor didn't intend on entering Big 12 play being swept by Texas or giving up win #1,600 to Augie Garrido. The first game of this series was played in Austin, the next two at Baylor Ballpark in Waco. More damning statistics under Texas, below.

Next up for Baylor - Texas Southern comes to Waco, then the Texas Tech Red Raiders next weekend as Big 12 play continues.

Kansas 2-3 Tue., Mar. 13 Kansas 18, Penn State 5
Wed., Mar. 14 Wichita State 18, Kansas 3
Fri., Mar. 16 Texas A&M 9, Kansas 3
Sat., Mar. 17 Kansas 17, Texas A&M 13
Sun., Mar. 18 Texas A&M 10, Kansas 9

Kansas continues to struggle. Beating up on Penn State isn't that great a feat, but getting pummeled by ranked Wichita State at home is an indication of where this team is right now and that is not good. The Jayhawks aren't completely lost, winning one game against the Aggies and scoring a lot of runs in the process. Consider this - the last two weeks, Kansas was swept 0-3 against ranked Arkansas, hammered by ranked Wichita State, and lost a series against ranked Texas A&M. Not a good couple weeks.

The Jayhawks have a mid-week two-game series against Northern Colorado, and then the Oklahoma State Cowboys come to town next weekend.

Kansas State 3-2 ue., Mar. 13 Arizona State 9, Kansas State 6
Wed., Mar. 14 Arizona State 6, Kansas State 2
Fri., Mar. 16 Kansas State 4, Central Michigan 3
Sat., Mar. 17 Kansas State 6, Central Michigan 1
Sun., Mar. 18 Kansas State 5, Central Michigan 1

Kansas State's record is very good at 14-2 after this weekend. Unfortunately, it's come against some mediocre competition. Being swept in a two game series at ranked Arizona State might serve as an indication of where the Wildcats really are. Nice series sweep against Central Michigan, though.

The Wildcats start Big 12 conference play this week at Texas, so we'll get a good idea of what they're about after that series. It'd be nice to see them take a couple games against the Longhorns, but don't hold your breath.

Missouri 5-0 Wed., Mar. 14 Missouri 19, Saint Louis 1
Thu., Mar. 15 Missouri 6, Western Illinois 3
Fri., Mar. 16 Missouri 6, Cleveland State 3
Sat., Mar. 17 Missouri 9, Cleveland State 2
Sun., Mar. 18 Missouri 6, Cleveland State 4

Whooeee, Mizzou is smokin' hot! They pummel Saint Louis, beat 9-10 Western Illinois (RPI 192), and then sweep 2-14 Cleveland State (RPI 216) to extend their winning streak to twelve! Nothing like cranking up your record against inferior competition.

The Tiger open Big 12 play at Lincoln this coming week. Here's to ending their 12 game win streak and starting them on a losing streak of three.

Nebraska 2-2 Tue., Mar. 13 Nebraska 6, Wayne State 1
Thu., Mar. 15 Texas Tech 7, Nebraska 6
Fri., Mar. 16 Nebraska 13, Texas Tech 1
Sat., Mar. 17 Texas Tech 9, Nebraska 8

Ah, Nebraska. Nebraska won it's home opener against Wayne State mid-week, then travelled to Lubbock to lose a series against the Red Raiders. The Thursday game went eleven innings and was lost on a wild pitch - a rather sloppy game. The Huskers stranded 12 and twice couldn't capitalize with the bases loaded
Nebraska then turned loose the offense on Friday, unfortunately losing the rubber game on Saturday. Not a great start to the Big 12 season for the Huskers, and pre-season All-American Tony Watson continues to struggle. Keep the faith, Husker fans!

Next up, Western Illinois mid-week, then Mizzou comes to town on a 12-game winning streak. It'd be great to see Nebraska take all three from the Tigers at home.

Oklahoma 4-1 Tue., Mar. 13 Oklahoma 4, UTPA 1
Wed., Mar. 14 Oklahoma 20, UTPA 4
Fri., Mar. 16 Michigan State 4, Oklahoma 3
Sat., Mar. 17 Oklahoma 7, Michigan State 2
Sun., Mar. 18 Oklahoma 5, Michigan State 0

Oklahoma beat up on U-Texas Pan American (RPI 154) mid-week. They then won the series against Michigan State. The Sooners have won 15 of their last 17 games.

Oklahoma will travel to Frisco, Texas to play Dallas Baptist (with a healthy RPI of 80) mid-week , then begin Big 12 play at home next weekend against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Oklahoma State 4-1 Tue., Mar. 13 Oklahoma State 17, Western Illinois 1
Wed., Mar. 14 Oklahoma State 8, Western Illinois 0
Fri., Mar. 16 Hartford 8, Oklahoma State 4
Sat., Mar. 17 Oklahoma State 18, Hartford 4
Sat., Mar. 17 Oklahoma State 13, Hartford 1
Sun., Mar. 18 Oklahoma State 8, Hartford 1

Oklahoma State handed Western Illinois another loss mid-week (Western Illinois must be the favorite Big 12 whipping boys). They then lost their home opener against Hartford, giving Hartford their first win of the season. The Cowboys bounced back, winning both games in a double header on Saturday, then winning again on Sunday.

Oklahoma State travels to Kansas next weekend to begin Big 12 play.

Texas 4-0 Wed., Mar. 14 Texas 7, Winthrop 1
Fri., Mar. 16 Texas 3, Baylor 2
Sat., Mar. 17 Texas 14, Baylor 2
Sun., Mar. 18 Texas 8, Baylor 3

So Augie gets his 1,600th victory while Texas continues to dominate Baylor, winning their last nine games in a row against the Bears. I can't tell you how much fun it is to loathe Augie Garrido. If you get the chance, the annual series between Nebraska and Texas (in Austin this year) is a must-see set of games. I know that the coaches picked Oklahoma State to win the Big 12 this season, but I don't see how they picked them over Texas.

Next up, a mid-week home game against Texas State, and then a series at home against Kansas State. Don't be surprised if Texas starts the Big 12 season at 6-0.

Texas A&M 2-1 Fri., Mar. 16 Texas A&M 9, Kansas 3
Sat., Mar. 17 Kansas 17, Texas A&M 13
Sun., Mar. 18 Texas A&M 10, Kansas 9

Didn't we already cover this? Kansas lead Saturday's game at one point 10-2, but then scored four runs in the top of the 11th inning to beat the Aggies. Kansas wasn't so lucky in the rubber game on Sunday, as the Aggies scored in the bottom of the ninth to take the series. Senior pitcher Kyle Nicholson picked up his second Big 12 Pitcher of the Week award, sharing this week's award with Oklahoma State pitcher Justin Friend.

Next up, a mid-week game featuring two top-ten ranked teams when the Aggies travel to face Rice. They then continue Big 12 play next weekend with a series at Oklahoma.

Texas Tech 2-1 Thu., Mar. 15 Texas Tech 7, Nebraska 6
Fri., Mar. 16 Nebraska 13, Texas Tech 1
Sat., Mar. 17 Texas Tech 9, Nebraska 8

A disappointing opening for the Huskers, a good start to the conference season for Texas Tech. The Thursday win was only the third time in Big 12 history that Tech had won their conference opener. The good news about Friday's game is that Tech wasn't shut-out as the Huskers poured on the runs. Sunday's win featured the dreaded Baylor green hats as they won the rubber match with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth.

Up next, on the road to Waco to face the Baylor Bears in Big 12 play. In other news, Bear Junior catcher Matt Smith was named to the Johnny Bench Award Watch List along with Kansas catcher Buck Afenir.