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The Big Dance - Who Do Nebraskans Root For?

Ah, fellow Nebraskans, it's men tourney time. March Madness, the Big Dance, yada yada.

As it is every year, Husker fans don't have a men's team in the tourney. So who do you root for? Oh, there's Creighton otherwise known here as the rich kids from Omaha. They're an okay pick just because they're from Nebraska, but they're not a Big 12 team. Given my heightened sense of loyalty, I subscribe to the idea that you should root for teams within your own conference before choosing someone outside it because.... well, because I have a heightened sense of loyalty

I usually become a Kansas Jayhawks fan this time of year. While at Nebraska, I ran for student body president a couple of years as head of the SCUM party. One of our main platform plans was to merge the University of Nebraska with the University of Kansas so that they'd have a good football team and we a great basketball team. It was a win-win situation, but it never really caught on. Something about logistics, but I really think there was a huge anti-Jayhawk contingency against me.

Unfortunately since Roy Williams left Kansas I haven't felt compelled to root for Bill Self's Jayhawks. Not only do I not believe he's the coach that Williams is, I hope they continue to lose early so he'll get fired and they'll replace him with someone I can stand rooting for.

There's Texas from the Big 12, but... even with conference loyalty, they're still Texas. It's hard enough to put up with their success and their Department of Defense-sized budget, so do you really want them getting to the Final Four?

Texas Tech - either you love Bobby Knight or you hate him. I've always liked the guy - most of the bad press he gets is overblown. Remember, he's only thrown one chair, not chairs as is typically used.

There are the Aggies. They are the anti-Longhorns so not that difficult a pick. BTW, SB Nation just launched an Aggie blog, The 12th Man Child, a rather weird name for a blog (as if I'm one to talk - Ha!).

And then there's Cinderella, which I prefer to call Anarchy. Not as pleasant sounding, but more to the point - having a team come out of nowhere and destroy the existing power structure, making everyone crazy, confused, and inciting riot because of bracket destruction. You really want the anarchy, don't you?

Who do you root for in the Big Dance?