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Bits - Bracketology Version

So all y'all are ready for the Big Dance, right? Wrong.... You're stuck at work, aren't you?

Relax.... The college sports blogs at SBNation have teamed up to provide you with up to date information on the the 2007 NCAA Basketball tournament. Check each of the following sites for up to date information and insight on
your games:

Join the game day threads at each site and interact with other fans.

Have some inside information? Insight? Get it posted! Email the site author during the games and they'll post your information about your favorite team. (You'll need to to go the site to pick up their email address - I have not posted that here to keep from adding to spam.)

I have joined two online bracket games. I only spent about 20 minutes filling both of them out, given my immense college basketball-like brain. I full expect to win a Dodge car, and $100,000 by the end of the tournament.

Don't look now, but Frank Solich may be recruiting them as young as seventh grade! (HT:Mzone comments)

Don't forget that tomorrow night's Big 12 opener for Nebraska baseball will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net at 6:30 pm!

Lots of roster changes. I have to think these are just for the spring game. For example, I hope that fall doesn't have Major Culbert playing running back because I'd rather he was playing defense most of the time.

Reading the comments on that second one, it seems that speculation over what happened to Marlon Lucky isn't going to go away any time soon. No doubt it will continue into next season. If he doesn't live up to someone's expectations - and who ever does compared to their NCAA 2006 double - it'll be all about because he has 'issues'. This is one of the reasons why you guys need to get interested in other sports beyond just Nebraska football. It keeps you from being bored and coming up with all these rumors.


Who Wins the Big Dance?

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    North Carolina
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    Kansas, Texass or Texas A&M
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  • 4%
    Ohio State or Wisconsin
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    Someone named George
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