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A little sparse this week due to real work requirements as we prepare for Daylight Savings changes. I hope the energy savings that this is supposed to bring about are worth it, because otherwise for IT people it's been a complete PITA.

Well, that Alabama loss sucked. I listened to the Alabama game last night on the internets - it was the first time we'd been shutout in something like 250 games, dating back to 1998 when on the road.

It was a painful game to listen to - Nebraska made it's share of mistakes. Maybe it's better that they're struggling now rather than at the end of the season since baseball is a game of slumps and streaks.

Chris Patrick files for the NFL draft, saying it's for family reasons and that he just hadn't gotten around to making the decision. Sounds like complete BS to me, but for whatever reason we have one less experienced good offensive lineman.

From an earlier article about Nebraska's offensive line in 2007:

  • Brett Byford, junior, will have started 12 games
  • Chris Patrick, junior, will have started 13 games.
  • Mike Huff, sophomore, will have started 12 games.
  • Matt Slauson, sophomore, will have started 14 games.
  • Lydon Murtha, sophomore, will have started five games.
  • Andy Christensen, sophomore, will have started five games.
  • Carl Nicks, freshman, will have started twice.
  • Jacob Hickman, freshman will have started once.

so with Chris Patrick gone, we're out our second most-experienced lineman and he'll be replaced by someone with little starting experience. That's not a good thing any way you look at it even if the real reason for him leaving turns out to be bad. Good luck to Mr. Patrick in the NFL Supplement Draft where he'll probably win a free trip to Europe.

SB Nation will have their first ever Blog Talk Radio show on Sunday evening. The premiere episode will take place on Sunday night, March 11th, at 8:00PM EST. The show can be found here. Listen in, call in, give feedback.

As I thought, AJ the Husker Hat8r didn't need an invitation to join the Big Red Roundtable topic and posts with his usual hateful spiteful talk. I was going to say "flair" there, but then thought of Rick Flair and then thought of what AJ would dress as if he were a professional wrestler. You know he'd be the bad guy, but would he have a cape or a mask? Or both?!

I have only watched a little basketball today, spending most of the early day reading. Exciting, right? I'd have a couple beers, but I'm about an hour away from running around with children in the melting goo that is Minnesota. Having beer on your breath is not exactly role model-like when you're wearing a Cub Scout uniform. Neither is swearing, so if you need incentive on cleaning up your act, maybe you should buy one and wear it once in a while and be a role model for young children. Believe me, you can do it if I can.