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Kind of Breaking News: Vikings Hire Leslie Frazier - Cosgrove Not A Liar

Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove: Not A Liar
In an amazing turn of events, Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove wasn't lying when he said he wasn't a candidate for the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator position as today the Vikings hired Leslie Frazier from the Indianapolis Colts.

Cosgrove had earlier stated that "he wasn't a candidate for the job" when asked about the Minnesota Vikings job by the Lincoln Journal Star. Fans regard the statement as a confirmation that the coach is indeed a candidate and his hiring imminent.

When reached for comment, Cosgrove's agent, Mike Ubeturass said "Of course Kevin Cosgrove isn't a liar. He's a good man. Besides, we try to keep each candidate in a state of plausible deniability until we tell them where they're going to be coaching next. It works out pretty well."

When asked whether or not his client's honesty could damage coach and fan relations by raising expectations Ubeturass stated, "It could put us in a bind if enough coaches start being honest about their intentions. If they say they're going, everyone comes unglued and it makes negotiating higher compensation impossible. If they say "no comment" it's the same as saying they're going. If they saying they're staying, no one believes them, which worked well up 'til now. I think we're going to have to study the old "he's having an affair with a cheerleader" angle to see if we can keep this whole honesty thing in check."

Upon further investigation, Corn Nation found that the 'not a candidate for the job' statement while taking the job was found to be second in top lies told by people involved in collegiate athletics in a study entitled 'Top Coaching Lies And People Who Believe Them ' conducted by John Hopkins University in 2001. The study found the top lie to be the 'He's my coach' statement made by athletic directors about losing coaches at mid-season before they're fired at season's end. In third place was the statement "We love it here, we'll never leave" made by winning coaches just before they take a job at a better school.