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God Told Them To Watch the Super Bowl Illegally

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We referenced an article last week in which some churches were forbidden by the NFL from showing the Super Bowl on screens larger than 55 inches.

At least one church decided to go ahead, citing the Bible, freedom and the need to take a stand on modern day issues as being bigger than the law.

But Greene, whose church had some history with the Underground Railroad that helped slaves to freedom, took his guidance from another scripture in Acts that says it is more important to obey God, rather than man.

And he wanted the men of his church to show their impressionable young boy that some things are worth fighting for. "We need to communicate to our young fellas that for some things you believe in you need to take a stand."

There are so, so so many things wrong here in just a couple paragraphs. First of all, it's proof you can find justification for anything in the Bible when you take things out of context. God told them to watch the Super Bowl on a wall and when they did it they were being obedient and humble servants of God? They must have missed the book of Romans in which Paul tells his flock that it is their duty to obey the laws of the government even if you disagree with them. Maybe it's torn out of their Bibles and they need new ones. Maybe they haven't read it yet.

How does anyone compare helping to free runaway slaves with watching the Super Bowl illegally and expect to be taken seriously?

Last, and certainly not least,  I can't help but think that young people attending the party came away with the idea that the ends justify the means - if you want to skirt the law, it's okay if you can find a snippet in the Bible and tell everyone that God told you to do it.  What happened to "The Devil made me do it?" - obviously it's out of date  and we need a new catchphrase (suggestions welcome).

The next step must be made by the NFL. They'll need to sue the church - fine them or reprimand them in some way.  The church can then complain how big corporations are targeting Christians and the NFL can look dumb, all leading further to the ruination of America! Someone will get interviewed by Larry King. America, America, God shed his grace on thee!