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Late Morning Hand Warmers

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Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove ended speculation about joining the Minnesota Vikings:

"There's nothing to it," the Nebraska third-year defensive coordinator said Friday. "I'm not a candidate for the job."

thus ending the hopes of people who don't like him and don't think he's very good. Maybe he listened to our advice and decided that head coach Childress won't be around that much longer. Or maybe he checked the weather today as it was 12 below zero when I got up this morning with wind chills around negative thirty. I love this place. Later today I'll be taking some teenagers to First Avenue to watch another group of teenagers play in a band. Maybe it'll be warm there.

College Baseball is in full swing (ha! a joke!). The College Baseball blog does a pretty good job of updates on games around the nation. Kansas swept their doubleheader on Friday against Hawaii-Hilo to start their season, while Texas dropped their season opener to San Diego. Oklahoma State cancelled their season opener against Hofstra due to bad weather.

  The NATION beat Texas last night in the first 'Texas Versus the Nation Bowl' in which Nation coach Buddy Ryan skirted a lot of the rules, blitzing to the inside, playing cover two (zone) on defense. Texas coach Mike Price looked on in disgust, but what do you expect when you have Buddy Ryan on the other sideline?
  The #22 Husker women's basketball team play thirteenth-ranked Baylor this afternoon at 2:30pm CST. You can get into the game for a buck. Hot dogs are a buck. Pepsi is a buck. So what's your excuse? It's cold? You don't know what cold is, weiner boy!

Trev Alberts sort of defends Bill Callahan's halftime adjustments. He does point out the fact that we were outmatched in the USC game last season in a defense of Callahan's game plan. What is it about Grand Island that makes it a bastion of Solich lovers/Callahan haters?

Finally, can I say how utterly disgusted I am with web sites that automatically begin playing video with the audio enabled?  There's nothing like saying "I'M NOT REALLY WORKING" like CSTV's web site. Nice web site all stupided up because someone in marketing made the decision that their audio needs to be blaired wherever web users are connected. Marketing people - in their minds they're going to take over the world. Unfortunately for them they're incapable of having sex, but can only talk about it. They rely on recruiting to increase their army. Teach your children, otherwise the world's happiness will lie in everyone having a double layer of foot deodorizers.