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Morning Coffee

The Husker women's basketball team has dropped into a tie with Iowa State for fourth place in the Big 12 with both teams at 9-6. Oklahoma and Texas A&M are on top the conference at 12-3, with Baylor next in line at 11-4.

It seems like collapses like this come over you get articles being published about how you're the greatest team in school history. Maybe it can't be helped, but maybe we should wait until they win something before we publish these articles? The Big 12 season is nearly over, so hopefully the Husker women can get back on track in the Big 12 tourney and do some damage.

Can someone explain to me why women's gymnastics isn't more popular?  (Source:

Steve over at Big Red Network presents his take on the Doak Ostergard firing, presenting his perspective as to why Ostergard wasn't given a reason for the firing. It's a pretty good read from someone, as he says, has had the 'unenviable task of letting someone go'.

My take? I don't think it's very professional to fire someone without giving them a reason. It's pretty gutless, even if you stand the chance of having it come back and bite you. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who don't like Steve Pederson or Bill Callahan for that matter. It prpbably wouldn't matter if either of them won the Nobel Peace Prize - it wouldn't change people's opinion of them one darned bit.

I wouldn't count myself as someone who's ecstatic that Pederson is the athletic director, but if he's successful in running the athletic department, then I don't have a problem with him. I don't have to like the guy. I just want us to win. The jury is still out on Callahan and Pederson's other big hire, Doc Sadler, so maybe next year we'll start grading him on a regular basis.

Nebraska is 18th in Baseball America's latest poll. Texas has dropped to 13th, Oklahoma State at 21st, and Texas A&M makes it into the Top 25 with their 11-1 mark.

Jake Opitz is the Big 12 player of the week after hitting .600, scoring five runs with one RBI and a pair of doubles. That certainly doesn't suck - let's hope the bats keep connecting throughout the season.

Todd over at SB Nation Alabama blog rollbamaroll has started posting a SEC Baseball weekly review, using the same format we're using here at Corn Nation. (I know the layout has been a little screwy, we're still working on site changes).

In case you missed it, the guardians of rock at the RIAA placed the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as the number three most pirating school in the nation. Nebraska beat out Texas at #19 and no other Big 12 schools made the list.

That's not that shocking when you think about it - the Internet sucks in places like Ames and Lubbock, they're too stoned to run their computers in Boulder, kids at College Station are too busy listening to the same five marching tunes over and over, and the state of Oklahoma has yet to discover computer technology. Texas? They're so rich they buy nearly all of their music. Imagine having that kind of money.  

Who's on top? Ohio University. Yes, that Ohio University, home of the destroyer of America and everything good otherwise known as Frank Solich - who no doubt has recruited a bunch of music-pirating' thugs to play football.