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Tony Watson & Mike Harmelink Suspended

For the second time already this season, a Nebraska player has been suspended. Last week it was Andrew Brown, and this week it's All-American starter Tony Watson and reliever Mike Harmelink.

They've been suspended for unspecified violations of team rules that occurred early Thursday morning. They won't make the trip to Houston for the Rice Invitational.

[UPDATE - Saturday 2/24] According to the Lincoln Journal-Star's Curt McKeever, "Harmelink was cited for driving while intoxicated. Watson was a passenger in the vehicle."

Husker head coach Mike Anderson had this to say:

"These are the same standards we’ve had, and our kids have to rise to those standards. They made an error in their decision-making process, and the consequences of them not being here are justified."

"I don’t anticipate it being an issue (beyond this weekend). If they follow through and take care of business, they should be back with us — and I want them back with us."

Drew Bowman will take Watson's starting slot on Friday, against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

Andrew Brown, who was suspended for the UTA invota last week, and did not travel with the team, will return for this weekend's action.

Hopefully this will send a message to the rest of the team. If one of your top hitters being suspended the first week didn't keep you in line, perhaps the suspension of Nebraska's All-American pitcher will get the message across.