Big-12 Baseball season underway. Kansas in First Place!

It is 28 degrees right now in Lawrence, Kansas.  About one inch of snow covers the ground, underneath it a second inch of stubborn ice.  Shockingly, yesterday was Opening Day for the KU baseball team, officially getting the Big-12 season underway.

KU won early this morning (about 2:00AM CST) 4-1 vs. Hawaii-Hilo.  While the Hawaii-Hilo series is not one of the key weekends of the season these games are the first entries on a new resume which will hopefully carry the Jayhawks back into the NCAA tournament in June.

I had hoped to get the final two chapters of the KU baseball season preview posted before this series, but life got busier than expected.  I'll get the starting pitcher and bullpen chapters posted soon.  If you'd like to read up on the KU catchers, infielders and outfielders you can find them here.

There is an open thread for the KU-UHH series at Rock Chalk Talk if you'd like to visit for box scores and recaps.   Here it is.

For those interested in such things, earlier this week I wrote a piece about BABIP in College Baseball.  I borrowed some research from The Pastime blog, which is part of the NU family.   The article I wrote, not brillant but it also doesn't suck.  Here it is.

For baseball fans opening day is part of the natural rhythm of life.  Winter gives way to Spring/Hope Eternal on Opening Day.  A new cycle and everything seems possible again, at least for a few weeks.

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