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Fast Breakers - Husker Women's Basketball Booster Club

The Fast Breakers is Nebraska's women's basketball booster club. The Fastbreakers currently have about 360 members with total pledge amounts of approximately $45,000.  Minimum level membership in Fastbreakers is $50/year.

For the $50 level, you'll receive a Fastbreaker Membership Card, news by email, newsletters, and Official Yearbook, Official Game Day program for each home game, an invitation to the year-end awards banquet, and if you're attending the gams, a lower rate on preferred parking. Membership details can be found at the link above.

The club does a yearly fund raiser to raise money if you don't wish to become a member. This year's fund raiser is a pledge to contribute for each 3-pointer made. The money is used in various projects to enhance women's basketball program at Nebraska. Last year, the Fastbreakers funded an upgrade to the locker rooms so that the Husker basketball women would have a state of the art locker room. Two years ago, the Fastbreakers partnered with the men's booster program to upgrade Mabel Lee Hall so that it could be used as a suitable practice facility.

The basketball program is steadily improving under the guidance of Connie Yori. After finishing 8-20 her first year and having to fill her roster with student basketball players, the Husker women are fighting for a Big 12 championship this season. Having a healthy booster program is an asset to the program, so if you want a good women's basketball program at Nebraska, considering helping out by joining Fastbreakers or joining in the fundraiser this season.

One major item that hurts the women's basketball team is lack of a good practice facility. Right now, the Husker women are using Devaney for practice. They're forced to schedule practices whenever Devaney isn't being used for other purposes, which means they can end up with very early morning or late night practices - not something that's conducive to the way a championship women's basketball team should be run. Perhaps this will happen now that the football facilities have been updated.

One more word on that - there is a prevailing attitude that doing something for one of the 'other' sports at Nebraska automatically hurts the football team in some way. This attitude typically comes from people who think that if they buy a Nebraska t-shirt once every three years they're somehow supporting Nebraska athletics. Don't kid yourself. With enough donors and support anything is possible. You think Texas lets this attitude stand in their way?

Women's Basketball News

The women fell to fourth place in the Big 12 after losing to Missouri at home on Saturday. A very disappointing loss, given that Missouri is 4-9 in the Big 12, ahead of only Kansas in the standings. Baylor, Oklahoma, and Texas A&M remain tied for first.