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Marlon Lucky Released from Hospital

From Husker Extra, Marlon Lucky has been released from the hospital, only a few days after being in intensive care for some reason or another.
"I am looking forward to getting back to classes and workouts," Lucky said. "I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and concerns, and now I want to focus on my future.

"Lastly, thank you again for respecting my privacy."

This is great news, not only for Lucky and his family but for Husker fans. I pointed out comments made earlier in the week by the Omaha World Herald in which they stated he'd never lived up to his enormous expectations. He still has a couple of years to explode - he's a young guy.

I take issue with the Husker Extra article in which it states that Lucky served as a backup for most of 2006. Technically, that's true, but I believe that last year's Husker team showed how a group of good running backs can compliment each other more than having a single superstar. With the size and speed of the players in today's game of football, running backs take a pounding throughout the season, and having guys like Marlon Lucky around can make a good team great. I'm glad he hasn't left us whether it be on the gridiron or with serious health issues and I look forward to seeing Marlon Lucky hit the field once again in the fall. Great things are still ahead of the kid.