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NCAA Rule 3-2-5e Be Gone!

Great news - we reported last week that the NCAA Rules committee would be changing rule 3-2-5e - the lousy rule that shortened college games by starting the clock faster after kick-offs and punt returns. It's official, they've gone and done something right by changing the rule back, rolling the clock back to 2005. (Sorry, that hurts, doesn't it?).

EDBS joins us in celebration, and Blue Grey Sky has a great post pointing out the fact that the networks were the ones benefiting from shortening the games. Fellow SBNation blogger SMQ rejoices as well.

The NCAA rules committee did approve a bunch of other items designed to shorten the length of the games without affecting playing time:

Action Taken: Limit the play clock to 15 seconds following a television timeout.
Time Eliminated: Three minutes (about 20 timeouts per game and about 10 seconds per timeout).
Time Impact: No effect on playing time.

Real impact - less time to get a beer or release the beer you've been drinking. Better start getting in shape for this before the season starts if you're not already.
Good news is that there will be fewer commercials. Marketing people will be laid off across the nation!

Action Taken: Kickoffs moved from 35-yard line to 30-yard line.
Time Eliminated: One minute (Average of 11 kickoffs per game; more kickoffs will be returned.)
Time Impact: No effect on playing time.

Action Taken: Play clock is started when the ball is handed to the kicker by the umpire on all free kicks.
Time Eliminated: About two minutes per game (about 10 seconds per kickoff with 11 kickoffs per game).
Time Impact: No effect on playing time.

Action Taken: Penalties for all kicking team fouls that occur during the kick can be enforced at the end of the run.
Time Eliminated: About two minutes per game.
Time Impact: No effect on playing time.

Conclusion - the NCAA rules committee doesn't like kickers. They especially don't like those that take their time, and if you're a kicker who takes your time and doesn't have a long leg, you're really in trouble. No doubt that kickers will be trying to get more into the ball and the result will be more out of bounds kicks than we've seen in years before.

Special teams play will have even more of an affect on the game - so coverage and returns had better have more emphasis than previous years. I have a feeling this will have much more of an impact on the game than anyone expects.

Action Taken: Limit instant replay reviews to two minutes to decide to overturn or confirm the ruling on the field.
Time Eliminated: Caps the review time to eliminate lengthy delays. Time Impact: No effect on playing time.

Whooee, who can't cheer that one! This is something that should have been done when they initiated instant replay. The reviews last year were at times unbearable. Best part of this may be that the announcers will be given less time to blather on about something, especially when a bad game has already been decided. 3-2-5e may be gone, but the games will be altered, and you know there will be unintended consequences. We'll be watching and waiting!