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Nebraska Women On Top of Big 12

Behold! She flies, the Spirit Of Nebraska! (
The Husker women's basketball team put away Colorado this afternoon, 54-44. Kiera Hardy had 16 and Chelsea Aubrey scored 11 to lead the Huskers over the Buffs. Any time you can say that - "Huskers over the Buffs" - it's a great day, right? Big 12 standings have Nebraska tied with Texas A&M with a 21-4 record, 9-2 in conference after Texas A&M beat Oklahoma earlier in the day. Texas A&M is 9-2 in conference, and has a win over Nebraska, which would give them a tie-breaker.

The Nebraska women are now 12-2 on the road which is beyond impressive. Connie Yori's team has done it the right way, like building blocks quietly coming together. Compare that to Paul Sanderford, who recruited kids he couldn't control and ultimately failed because it wasn't the Nebraska way.

Today's game at Colorado was broadcast on FSN on a national basis, giving out of state fans a chance to watch the game. This is something that rarely happens with the men, which for out of state (me included) fans is very frustrating.

I like watching women's college basketball far more than the NBA. The NBA isn't basketball any more, it's five guys who happen to have a round ball shooting at a basket ten feet in the air. You want the true spirit of the sport - watch a women's basketball game.

I realize that most people don't pay attention to the "other" sports at Nebraska, but it's my school, dammit. I cannot emphasize that enough. I love the place - to the consternation of everyone around me at times - enough that I get excited when the rifle team is kicking ass. Think for a moment - what if we were the Tennessee of women's basketball? That wouldn't be exciting? If you said no, get a life, winning is wonderful in any way it happens! You want to selectively strive for excellence or be great at everything you attempt?