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Nick Saban, CoonAsses and Cajuns

Registered Coonass? Why thank you very much!
A few years ago (pre-Katrina) I was north of New Orleans doing a presentation and seminar in front of a whole bunch of school parishes. The presentation went pretty well, and later that evening, we were invited to dinner and a party with the attendees.

I had a great time with them as they explained to me about life in Looziana and I explained to them what it was like to live where part of winter is below zero. One of the good ol' boys was, as he explained, a 'coonass'. I had never heard the term before, so he went on to explain that a coonass is different than a cajun because of their backgrounds. Coonasses, he explained, don't have the same ethnic background as do cajuns, given that cajuns (as explained in the wikipedia entry above) are mostly descendent of Acadians who settled in the Southern Looziana areas (read: swamps), whereas coonasses live in Looziana but weren't of the same descent and were mostly in the Northern areas of the state.He was very proud of being a coonass and promised to send me some crawfish etouffee but he never did.

So, with this whole deal about Nick Saban insulting people in Louisiana, who was he really insulting, the cajuns or the coonasse? The whole thing is completely confusing to me so maybe we should all drop it and get on with our lives and leave Nick Saban, the cajans and the coonasses all to themselves to work it out. I'm sure there will be plenty over the next couple years for us to talk about regarding Nick Saban, his enormous salary, and ultimate failure at Alabama.