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Better Late than ever - New Year's Eve Bowl Picks!

Since we hadn't done any, Husker Mike and I decided to put together our very late bowl picks. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, but at least we're on the record for this stuff.

Happy New Year to everyone, even the Ohio State fans that drop by when we bash them. Stop by some more before the big game as we'll be bashing them some more. I'm guessing some of you will be reading this while you're hungover from New Year's Eve festivities. I typically don't go out on NYE, haven't for quite a while now. I don't like dealing with the amateurs... those people who don't drink all year but find it necessary to auger themselves into the ground as an excuse for bringing in the New Year.

Plus, there's football to be watched! Who can go out when there's still some great college football going on? Oeee!!!

  • On to Da Bowls!

  • Cotton:  Mizery vs Arkansas

    Line: Mizzou favored by 3.5

    Husker Mike: Teams in the middle of coaching changes (either firings or resignations) are 0-5 this bowl season.
    Missouri 38, Arkansas 21

    corn blight:  I would have preferred Mizzou in a BCS bowl where they belong. Pundits are pointing to this as a great match-up, but the only way that happens is if the Tigers don't care enough to win. Pinkel factor at the end of the season? Hmmmm..... no. Arkansas has McFadden, Mizzou has a gob of weapons, too many for the Razorbacks to cover.
    Mizzou 41, Arkansas 28

  • Gator:  Texas Tech vs. Virginia

    Line: Tech favored by 6

    Husker Mike: Tech in a New Years Day bowl?  (Of course, the same could be said for Virginia.)  Both teams had their moments (Tech beating Oklahoma and Virginia demolishing Miami at the Orange Bowl), but also coughed up their share of hairballs.  So, flip a coin and choose between  Mike Leach and Al Groh.
    Tech 35, Virginia 28

    corn blight: Last year Texas Tech came back from 31 points down against Minnesota in the Insight Bowl. I saw that happening - here's proof. Even if Tech is down by 24 points at half time, they'll still win this game because Virginia has never seen the likes of Mike Leach. Be sure to listen for his sideline commentary!
    Red Raiders 45, Virginia 38

  • Outback:  Tennessee vs. Wisconsin

    Line: Tennessee favored by 2

    Husker Mike: Tennessee has been hot and cold, while Wisconsin has been pretty mediocre most of the season.
    Rocky Top 27, Bucky the Badger 10

    corn blight: Wisconsin plays Big 10 football like it's meant to be played. Tough, brutal, physical football, true to their roots.  I believe they'll be out to prove something, while for the Vols it's just another disappointing season.
    Badgers 21, Volunteers 17

  • Capital One:  Florida vs. Michigan

    Line: Florida favored by 10.5

    Husker Mike: Which jinx do you buy?  Heisman or lame duck coach?  I'll call that a push.  But I can't come up with a single reason to pick the Weasels.
    Gators 45, Weasels 13

    corn blight: Michigan plays hard one last time for Lloyd Carr and discovers that their best isn't anywhere near good enough to beat the Gators. It's so bad that in the second half that Rich Rodriguez starts calling trick plays, bringing the Wolverines hope for the future.
    Gators 38, Michigan 24

  • AT&T Presented by Pasadena Tournament of Roses:  USC vs. Illinois

    Line: USC favored by 14

    Husker Mike: The folks in Pasadena went for tradition instead of a good game.
    USC 31, Illinois 9

    corn blight: The folks in Pasadena must hate the Big 10 with a passion that few can understand, otherwise, they wouldn't subject Illinois to this fate. I don't understand why the Big 10 buys into this crap about the Rose Bowl unless maybe they think the Pac 10 is the only warm-weather conference they can compete with on a regular basis.  

    This is a huge bowl for the Big 10. It's a chance to prove they belong, just like the National Title game. Unfortunately, Illinois will be happy just to be there, and it's USC's home turf.
    Trojans 38, Fighting Zookers 13

  • Sugar:  Georgia vs. Hawai'i

    Line: Georgia favored by 8

    Husker Mike: OK, I'm divided on this one.  I love Hawai'i.  I really , really want to see them win this one.  But I haven't seen much of a reason to pick them, other than the Boise surprise factor.
    Dawgs 44, Warriors 31

    corn blight: Is there anyone that picked Hawaii in this game? No? It's hard picking them when they didn't play anyone all season. I can see them as a team that's behind by 21 before they start to turn it on, tying the game at 21 before half time. Second half, the Bulldogs play physical football and the Warriors continue to score in less than a minute. Unfortunately, their defense runs out of gas late, and they make one too many mistakes.
    Bulldogs 42, Warriors 38

  • Fiesta:  Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

    Line: Oklahoma favored by 7.5

    Husker Mike:A few weeks ago, this could have been a BCS title matchup.  Then Sam Bradford suffered a concussion, West Virginia choked against Pitt, and Rich Rodriquez bolted for Ann Arbor.
    Boomer Sooner 34, Mountaineers become Molehills 10

    corn blight:  The Mountaineers are lost, but determined to prove themselves. Unfortunately, Oklahoma has a defense and they've sold their souls to the devil. While seething with anger over the score and that "damned Rich Rodriguez", West Virginia's governor announces he's suing Oklahoma president David Boren unless the game is removed from the record books, then drops his pants while being interviewed by sideline reporter Laura Okmin. All of this has as much a chance as the Mountaineers do in this game.
    Sooners 31, Mountaineers 10

  • Orange:  Virginia Tech vs. Kansas

    Line: Va Tech favored by 3.5

    Husker Mike: I think Vegas is being conservative on this one.
    Virginia Tech 27, Kansas 14

    corn blight: I don't share Mike's dismissal of Kansas. The Jayhawks didn't play much of a schedule, and they didn't beat anyone of real substance (sad to say). Maybe it's my Big 12 bias here, but just may be it's KU's year. Oh, hell, who am I kidding. Kansas had a chance to win a big game, and they couldn't get it done. It won't be a blow out, but Kansas won't come out on top, either.
    Hokies 35, Jayhawks 31

  • National Championship:  LSU vs. Ohio State

    Line: LSU favored by 4

    Husker Mike: I said Ohio State doesn't belong in this game.  And I think that LSU's defensive players want to send Bo Pelini to Lincoln on a winning note.
    LSU 38, Ohio State 10

    corn blight: The Buckeyes don't belong in this game. Unfortunately, there weren't many other choices as no one else bothered to win most of their games, i.e., 2001 Nebraska vs Miami. The difference? MIami hadn't lost a game and was an incredible team. Nebraska didn't belong on the field with them and it showed. Ohio State doesn't belong on this field, either, and it will show. In fact, I'll have a couple more articles coming up this week about this mismatch.

    If Ohio State fans want to bitch about respect, try doing two things; win this game, and play someone who counts throughout the year. In this one, the Buckeyes play the part of a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
    LSU 41, Ohio State 14.