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Last Minute Husker Stuff for Christmas

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It's nearly Christmas, and I'm not finished shopping either. Truth is, I let Mrs Corn Nation buy most of the stuff, and the few presents I'm responsible for, well.... I hope giftees have low expectations.

For those of you who are still looking, Corn Nation is pleased to offer a 10% discount from Asgard Press on 2008 calendars made from vintage Nebraska game day programs.

Asgard's site provides a slide show of the images from the calendar. The images featured in the calendar are archival-quality reproductions of the covers of the actual souvenir game programs that were sold at the games many decades ago. Some images have been digitally repaired and restored where creases, tears, marks, or other damage would have otherwise distracted from the appreciation of the artwork as it appeared at that time.

If you read Corn Nation much, you know I really go in for the history stuff so the Nebraska calendar fits that pretty well. Maybe later they'll be offering these as large-sized prints.

If you're looking for a book you've never heard of, you might consider "Huskerville" by Roger C. Aden. I haven't reviewed it yet, and I will soon, but if you ever wondered why Nebraskans have such a close connection to football, Roger's book will tell you why.

It is more expensive than a typical book because it's published by an academic publisher. It's what I'd call semi-academic. It includes a lot of stories and quips from fans (referred to as "Huskervillers"), but references those with what made Nebraska what it is - Will Cather and Old Jules, the Homestead Act, Mari Sandoz and then relates all that to football. It's a good choice for Husker fans who live out of state and wonder why they long for the place. There are some other books out there that describe the brains and body of the relationship of Huskervillers with their football team. Aden describes the soul.