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MidWest Coast Bias Invades Corn Nation

MidWest Coast Bias

Update [2007-12-22 13:36:21 by midwestcoastbias]: 12/22: We're now featuring a second interview from the last person you'd expect us to go to for one: The Husker Hater

Greetings and salutations, members of the Corn Nation.  Blankman of MidWest Coast Bias here.  The administration of CN and MWCB (keep your acronyms straight at all times) have decided to mesh a bit and while Seth Jensen may be our favorite son, we now are proud to call Corn Nation our sister site (for tax purposes).  

When I approached the Powers That Be of CN, I offered opinions and since they cover NU news so well here and we cover opinion and obscure references there, we thought meshing would be a nice experiment.  I see it going much the same way as things did in the 1983 classic, "A Christmas Story" sans getting kicked in the face by Santa or having my eye blown out with a bb gun.  Also, the Internet Movie Database lists the plot keywords as "Costume, Mother Son Relationship, Dog, Family Relationship, Flat Tire"  I’m not particularly fond of any of those words being combined with my stay here in ideal circumstances.

For those of you not familiar with MWCB, my co-host from Aurora, Nebraska and I put out a weekly show hashing out some of the prominent news seen on this very site.  We also put a fair emphasis on recruiting analysis along with doing some stuff that comes right out of left field such as giveaways and the like.  This leads me into the pimp of the MidWest Coast Bias Bowl Giveaway which you can find more information about at this page.

I look forward to adding what I can to this site and I hope that you will feel more than welcome to visit us at MidWest Coast Bias, shoot a question or opinion our way to be discussed on the blog/podcast and not stone us too heavily.