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It's Official: Bo Pelini Is Nebraska's Head Football Coach

Bo Pelini was officially announced as Nebraska's head coach at a 4:00 pm (Central) press conference, confirming the four billion rumors that have been floating around since the firing of Bill Callahan.

Pelini and Family. Right now, he's bending a spoon with his mind.

I found it interesting that Pelini stated that he would be calling the defense. Not shocking by any means. He stated that he hadn't put together a staff, but Husker Extra reports that former Husker coaches Marvin Sanders and Ron Brown will be part of the staff. They also state that Barney Cotton may return, along with Carl Pelini, Bo Pelini's brother, and that Callahan's offensive coordinator, Steve Watson, will be retained. We should know who's on the staff in the next couple days.

Pelini may coach for LSU in the title game. My take? Let him. LSU will be playing for a national title against Ohio State, and I'm guessing LSU will be favored by double digits. You don't think that Pelini will be able to recruit better over the next few years if he's won a national championship with LSU?

I thought I'd be more excited about Pelini than I am right now. Maybe that's because the rumors have been floating about him since the hiring of Callahan, and the excitement has worn off already. Maybe it's because I'm reserving all judgement until I see his Huskers play.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Having a defensive-minded guy as a coach means that we're not going to see the blowouts that we saw this past season. We don't have to watch commercials featuring highlights featuring other teams making big plays against our Huskers. It means having a team like Oklahoma, where a great defense is going to keep us in every game and the team doesn't fall apart due to an injury to a star player (ala Oregon and David Dixon). Besides, Pelini comes to Nebraska as a winning coach, having won his only game as a head coach in winning the 2003 Alamo Bowl over Michigan State.

As a plus, maybe he learned something about dealing with the media from Les Miles. Seems like a lot of people bag on Miles because he speaks his mind with intensity, but I'd rather have that guy as my head coach than a wallflower. Makes life more interesting.

Who can't be excited about that? Unfortunately we have many months to go before we can see the product on the field. I can't wait.