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Name This Picture and Win!

Corn Nation reader James sent me this picture he'd done depicting Tom Osborne as the "Savior of Nebraska Football". I was going to use it with the article I'd be posting when Bo Pelini finally completes his staff and we have a formal announcement. Unfortunately, it looks like we may be waiting between one and 40 days, so instead of waiting, we're going to have a caption contest.

There's even prizes involved.

Name This Image And Win!

Obviously you can't name it "The Savior of Nebraska Football" because, well, that's too easy isn't it?

Prizes? Yes, we have prizes. More than one even because the Christmas season is a time of giving, right?

The top prize winner (as determined by me) can take their pick of a wall poster either from Colorado or Nebraska, as pictured below. The posters are from the fine folks over at, a great spot to pick up posters ranging from religion to sports. The people are awesome and the prices are great, so make sure to give a look-see in the near future.

Why Colorado, you ask? Well, I can't imagine life around the holidays without some dart games happening somewhere, can you?

We'll see if we can't get something for two more runners-up.

Leave your suggested name in the comments section on this post. If you don't already have an account you may create one by using the link at the upper right of this page.

Thanks to reader James for the picture. We'll reward James with a free poster from!