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Big 12 Championship: Mizzou Or Okies?

The Big 12 Championship is this evening and I'd like to encourage any Corn Nation fans to visit the SB Nation blogs for Oklahoma and Missouri.

Oklahoma blog is Crimson and Cream Machine, Mizzou is supported by Rock M Nation. Both will be running game day threads this evening, so feel free to join them.

Me? I'm pulling for Mizzou. I know that our rivalry and respect for Oklahoma is long-standing, but I am tired of hearing about how the Big 12 North can't beat this team, and can't win the title. This is for our half of the conference.

Plus, I really don't want Ohio State in another national title game. Whomever plays them will destroy them. You don't want that either, do you?

For the sake of college football as a whole, the state of the nation, and all that is holy, root for Mizzou!