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Morning Coffee - I'm Going To Kill Something

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No, really, I am going to kill something. I'm heading back to western Nebraska this weekend for deer firearm season. I'm not 100% sure what I'll be doing about Internet access, so posting may be light or it may be normal.

Corn Nation has seen some recent growth in the use of the diaries for the discussion of potential head coaches. I'd also like to see them used for article discussions, as any community member can post an article link there for discussion. So, hey, amuse and enlighten each other. Just stay classy!

Our KSU buddy at Bring on the Cats has a completely unrealistic prediction for the Kansas State - Nebraska game. If you thought Cornhusker fans were paranoid about their defense, he has K-State ahead 57, 52 after three quarters....

Kansas averaged 39 yards per kickoff return last week which certainly didn't help the defense. Bill Callahan says the kick off coverage needs some fine-tuning. Callahan states that kicker Adi Kunalic's problem was trying to kick the ball too hard. Makes sense Kunalic isn't getting a lot of talk lately, but he's still been one bright spot in an otherwise dismal season.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has a different take on Bill Callahan's refusal to resign.

Of interest to Husker fans - Tony Barnhart mentions that Tommy Tuberville will be listening if Texas A&M calls and that the discussion of salary will "probably start north of $3 million. (!!!!) Even if Tuberville stays put at Auburn, he'll most certainly get a huge raise.

One can only wonder what Nebraska is going to have to fork out for our next head coach, but the salary escalation is beyond ridiculous. Blame Nick Saban and agents all you want, but our lofty expectations are what drives this market.

Kelly Green shows us why Notre Dame is 1-8 with his own video of the failed two-point conversion attempt against Navy. His comment - "This is a failure at all levels."

Nothing Nebraska here, it's just here to let you feel better comparing us to someone who's suckage is higher than ours.

Speaking of Notre Dame, Ivan Maisel talks about the difference in solutions for Nebraska and Notre Dame.

And as if things couldn't get any worse for Houston Nutt. Will Nebraska be competing with Arkansas in our search for a new head coach?

The Longhorns volleyball team set a record against Kansas, getting their ninth straight sweep. Texas and Nebraska are currently tied for first in the Big 12 volleyball race at 14-1 apiece.