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Callahan's Agent Rips HuskerNation

The Bill Callahan camp is beginning to show the strains of this season.  Today, Gary O'Hagan, Callahan's agent, grew angry with questioning from Omaha World-Herald reporter Mitch Sherman:

"If they don't want him to be the coach, they can fire him," said O'Hagan, president of IMG coaching division out of Minnetonka, Minn. "Why would he resign? It doesn't make sense. There are two games to go. He's under contract. Why would they ask him to resign?"

Then apparantly turning to Husker fans...

"Listen to how stupid you people are. You people need to start studying soil content or something. Why don't you find out how many pair of socks get washed every day in the locker room?"

Boy, are the next 14 days going to be fun or what?