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Kansas State vs Nebraska - Senior Day: How Will You Respond?

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Keep A Positive Attitude.
Most of those players will be back!

Tomorrow is Senior Day against Kansas State. Husker fans are probably wondering how the stadium will respond to the team. Will they cheer a group of Seniors on the worst teams in a generation or is that rewarding failure? Do the Seniors deserved to be booed for their performance this season?

I hope that if you're going to the game that you cheer for the Husker Seniors. Keeping a positive attitude is better for  your health and better for the world at large. And don't forget that most of the players on that sideline will be back next season and you want them to know that the fan base is still intact.

I can understand if you're of the attitude that they should be booed. Off the field, Husker players say they're working hard to fix their problems, but it's clear once on the field that they'd rather be somewhere else. It makes for a difficult game to watch.

Boo detractors often ask how you'd feel if it were your son out on the field. I don't have a Husker, but I have kids involved in sports. Hearing negative comments from other parents about their play doesn't bother me much. Granted it's not 86,000 people yelling at them, but they're not fully grown adults either. Sports is sports, no matter the level.

What I've found that irritates me more than anything is fans or parents telling them they've done a good job when they've just finished a game at which they barely made an effort (usually resulting in a loss). Complimenting a lack of effort grates on me, so when the kids walk off the field I remain silent. If my son walks up to me after a game and I say nothing to him, it speaks volumes, much more than if I said "You Suck!".

If you find yourself needing to boo, consider remaining silent instead. It sometimes speaks louder than words.

The 2007 Senior Class:

1     Bowman, Zackary   CB  
40   Brandenburgh, Lance LB
59   Byford, Brett C
46   Eisenhart, Ben S
26   Erickson, Dan WR
30   Green, Tierre S
2   Grixby, Cortney CB
75   Haines, Victory OL
7   Hardy, Frantz WR
86   Hill, Sean TE
96   Johnson, Brandon DL
25   Jones, Andre CB
9   Keller, Sam QB
19   Kester, Tyler CB
13   McKeon, Corey LB
81   Mueller, Josh TE
77   Nicks, Carl OL
83   Nunn, Terrence
15   Octavien, Steve
85   Phillips, J.B. TE
69   Picou, Jordan OL
86   Poulosky, Andy
16   Purify, Maurice WR
85   Rice, Thomas DE
51   Ruud, Bo LB LB
48   Sand, Andy FB
42   Senske, Matt FB
9   Wilson, Bryan S