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2007 College Football Week 11 Predictions

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Such sadness in sport.

Two games left in a miserable season. It's Senior Day in Lincoln. I keep thinking that maybe the team would play their last game at home well for pride's sake, but that was demolished tonight by a comment by Husker Mike below.

Will the rumors about Callahan's firing start again Monday, or have all y'all had enough? It'll get here soon enough.

  • Big 12 Games

  • Kansas State @ Nebraska

    Line:  Kansas State by 7.5

    corn blight: Senior Day, we have a lot of Seniors. You think they could play this one for pride's sake?
    Husker Mike: You'd have thought pride would have kicked in a few weeks ago...
    corn blight: good point.
    Husker Mike: I'm going with my gut again... NU can't stop anything... Kansas State 38, Nebraska 21
    corn blight: Crap. This IS painful. I think I might be being merciful. KSU 31, Nebraska 21

  • Baylor @ Oklahoma
    Line: Oklahoma by 38

    Husker Mike: Sooners 49, Da Bearsh 3
    corn blight: Sooners play their 2nd team before half. OU 56, Baylor 10

  • Colorado @ Iowa State

    Line:  Buffies by 5

    corn blight: Isn't this kind of a rivalry game?
    Husker Mike: Not sure it's a rivalry, but more like CU always seems to struggle in Ames...ISU 24, Colorado 20
    corn blight:  CU should win this game. CU 23, ISU 14

  • Texas A&M @ Missouri

    Line: Missouri by 19

    Husker Mike: WTF does Vegas know about A&M that Missouri is only a 19 point favorite over the Ags? Missouri 63, Fran's Buyout 3
    corn blight:  is Missouri's defense that good? A&M will score some. Not enough though. Missouri 45, Dispirited Ags 21

  • Kansas @ Oklahoma State

    Line:  Jayhawks by 5.5

    Husker Mike: AJ the Husker H8r insists that OSU is gonna get KU.  I think Nebraska exposed KU's defense. KU has scored multiples of 19 recently... KU 38, OSU 31
    corn blight: I'm thinking that 4th quarter letdown took the gas out of the Cowboys. AJ really wants Kansas to win. Kansas 42, Okie State 31

  • Texas Tech @ Texas

    Line: Texas by 5.5

    Husker Mike: UT has generally sucked in the first three quarters as of late. Texas 31, Tech 21
    corn blight: Tech sucks on the road,especially in games that count. Texas 35, Red Raiders 21

    <big>Games of the Week</big>

  • Auburn @ Georgia

    Line: Georgia by 1.5

    corn blight: These SEC teams are so pyscho
    Husker Mike: No defense anymore. Auburn 28, Georgia 27
    corn blight: Auburn can score that much? Georgia 33, Auburn 23
    Husker Mike: Georgia's defense can allow that much...

  • Florida State @ Virginia Tech

    Line: VT by 6.5

    Husker Mike: FSU got their upset out of their system. VT 31, FSU 20
    corn blight: The November tables have turned for VT. VT 27, FSU 21

  • Florida @ South Carolina

    Line: Gators by 6.5

    Husker Mike: New Ball Coach (Fla) 42, Old Ball Coach  (SC) 31
    corn blight:  UF 42, USC 28

  • USC @ California

    Line: USC by 4

    Husker Mike: Cal gets off the schneid...  Cal 28, USC 24
    corn blight:  I think Cal's confidence is shot. USC 30, Cal 27

  • Fresno State @ Hawaii

    Line: Hawaii by 17.5

    Husker Mike: Hawaii 38, Fresno 17
    corn blight: It's a long way to the islands. Hawaii 42, FSU Bulldogs 28
    Corn blight: Maybe Nebraska can make the Aloha Bowl.

  • Connecticut @ Cincinnati

    Line:  Cincy by 6

    Husker Mike:  Vegas knows something. Cincy 27, UConn 24
    corn blight: Well, it is UConn's turn to lose, isn't it? Bearcats 24, Huskies 21

  • Michigan @ Wisconsin

    Line:  Weasels by 2.5

    Husker Mike: Wisconsin has fallen off the face of the earth in recent weeks. Michigan 31, Wisconsin 14
    corn blight: Short Mike Hart 24, Badgers 14

  • Illinois @ Ohio State

    Line:  Buckeyes by 15

    Husker Mike: Not sure what to think of OSU...They're like Kansas...only with a history.. Hmmm... bad week for the Buckeyes this week.  Basketball lost to D-2 Findlay.  Hockey lost to Nebraska-Omaha tonight. We've got to really mess up the BCS. Zooker 24, Buckeyes 21

    corn blight:  I'm not a playoff guy. You pick eight good teams for a playoff and make sense of it this season. Plus, we're talking about the Zooker at the Horseshoe!   Ohio State 28, Illinois 13