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Morning Coffee - Save Your Dignity Edition

Wizard of Odds has this clip on KU's kick off chant of "rip his f'ing head off". Check the clip (you really can't hear the profanity) and discover that Nebraska fans still "know how to win". We're just not seeing a lot of wins these days.

KU Blog Rock Chalk Talk grades out their game against the Cornhuskers. Not everyone got good grades, though, RCT gives their secondary a "D".

On the whole "Bill Callahan snubbed Tom Osborne" business - funny ain't it how the reporter says "I'm not trying to start somethin" and then he does when he shows the clip. It's funny because this is the kind of stuff that bloggers get accused of - taking something really tiny and insignificant and blowing it up into a mountain. For all we know, Bill Callahan was looking at the ground, his feet, or listening to argument between the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other.  

We're going out of our way now to find any thing, any word, any perceived slight to demonize Bill Callahan. Why do this when it's not needed? He's tanked this season so badly it's doubtful he'll ever be a head coach again. The statistics will follow him forever. That's enough for me.

We don't need to brand Callahan with a scarlet "N" when the season's over (although Brian Cook might be right in that we'd pay to see it happen on PPV). Don't burn his house down, don't plant "for sale" signs in the yard, don't burn him in effigy. Just give him his buyout at the end of the season and let him be on his way.

Then there's the recent Jim Rose issue. He missed a week on the radio broadcast, he's apparently been replaced on the Bill Callahan show, and we're looking for witches. I'm not a huge fan of Rose's PBP calling on Husker games, but since so many are on the tube, I rarely have to listen to him. If you listen to other homers on the radio, you'll find that he's not as bad as you think. I do listen to a lot of Husker baseball online, and I like what he does there.

Jim Rose is a shill. I know that. You know that. Guess what - he knows it too:

I'm a Nebraskan by birth. This University gave me a great education, a fun job and a wonderful career. I owe it all to the current and former players and coaches who by their blood, sweat and tears built the tradition we all enjoy. So you will never see or hear a disparaging word about any of them. I respect what they do and how hard they work too much to tear them down under the guise of "fair reporting" or "entertainment." Yes, I will be honest and forthright but not a second guesser or an armchair QB.

I can respect that. At least he'll come right out and say it. Not bad reasoning either.

Just after I posted the original on this, Jim Rose this morning announced that he'll no longer be doing PBP for the Husker football broadcasts. Any word on whether he'll still do baseball?

Matt Hayes of the Sporting News had this exchange with Bo Pelini about the KU score:

Me: "Did you see the Nebraska score?"

Bo: "No, I heard it was bad."

Me: "76 points bad."

Bo: Speechless; his jaw looking a lot like my mailbox that won't close.

Hopefully he's closed it by now, otherwise he'll be eating lots of bugs (pun intended).