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Morning Coffee - The Downward Spiral

After the weekend, Nebraska's defense is no longer the worst rushing defense in the nation. We've moved up to 118th. The University of Alabama-Birmingham gave up 338 yards rushing to Southern Miss, dropping them below the Huskers, who only gave up 218.

Nebraska has dropped to 112th in total defense, above SMU, Central Michigan, Louisiana-Lafayette, North Texas, UTEP, Rice, and Minnesota.

Nebraska's lows against Kansas:

  • Most points ever scored against Nebraska - 76

Broke the school record of 70, in the 70-10 loss to Texas Tech in 2004

  • Most points ever scored in the first half against Nebraska - 48

Not a record for halves, though, that was Texas Tech, 2004, 49 points in the second half

  • Most points in a quarter - 27 in the second quarter
  • Longest losing streak since 1958

It's going to get worse because it's highly doubtful that either Bill Callahan or Kevin Cosgrove are going anywhere, despite people calling on them to resign.

Dennis Dodd, says:

Kansas scored more points against Nebraska on Saturday than it did against the Huskers in either the 1970s (60 total) or 1980s (67).

Dodd calls on Callahan to resign. It won't happen unless there's a buy out. It certainly won't happen because of any perceived "honor" or "decency" that these guys have.

Peter Schrager at Fox Sports says:

Two more games of this lingering "doom and gloom" and brooding lame-duck environment is almost unfair to those faithful diehards. Heck, it's unfair to the players.

There have been no highlights for Nebraska football fans this season. After 76-39, it's time to put an end to the Bill Callahan era. Dig the grave and start stenciling in that tombstone.

 Doug Tucker, AP, in the Kansas City Star:

In what must be another embarrassing note for Nebraska, Reesing could be in line to become the fifth player in a row named Big 12 offensive player of the week after playing the Huskers.

Darren Carlson, Big Red Network, "After 76 Points, What Can Be Said?"

Like many fans, I'm starting to become numb to this disaster. And, being resigned to this kind of ineptitude might be the worst feeling of all.

I'm not numb. And I haven't stopped caring. I just recognize that there isn't a lot we can do about it right now. I still have hope that these guys could play out the next couple games, and I guess that makes me a fool. That's who I am.

Steve Sipple, Husker Extra has the article entitled "Huskers Sinking Deeper" that includes:

"I don’t really have any answers," Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove said. "I’m sick about it. Just sick about it."

But not sick enough about it to resign, apparently. I suppose Cosgrove has convinced himself that he can't abandon his players (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt), and maybe there's some honor in that. If his players had any faith in him, they'd at least try to play defense. They're not bothering.

I've said that these guys shouldn't be fired until the end of the season. My main reasoning is that they need to keep ownership of the mess they've made. These statistics and ruination need to remain with them throughout the rest of their careers.

This isn't just failure. It's too historical for failure.