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Blogpoll Week 10 Initial Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Oklahoma 1
3 Oregon 3
4 Kansas 1
5 LSU 2
6 West Virginia 2
7 Missouri 2
8 Georgia 2
9 Michigan 3
10 Connecticut 4
11 Arizona State 7
12 Texas 1
13 Virginia Tech 2
14 Clemson 3
15 Boston College 13
16 Hawaii --
17 Auburn 1
18 Florida 1
19 Boise State 3
20 Alabama 9
21 Virginia 5
22 Southern Cal 2
23 Penn State 3
24 Tennessee 2
25 Illinois 1

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#20), Wisconsin (#21), South Florida (#23), Purdue (#25).

No doubt most have LSU ranked higher than I do, but I do have a reason. Imagine that crazy uncle you have who likes handguns. He throws a can in the air, shoots a hole through it and while he's screaming some rebel yell his next shot takes off your big toe. That's LSU. Whoooeeee, bang!   Some day when they start playing with consistency I'll rank them higher.

Oregon and Oklahoma are nearly identical in the teams they've played and beat. They both have a ways to go yet. Kansas is ahead of LSU because they're a better team. Do they have better all-around athletes? No. If everyone played their best on every day, would LSU beat Kansas? Yes. Has Kansas played more consistent football. YES! That's why they're ranked above LSU.

Notice - I haven't ranked the SEC very well, have I? That's because as the year goes on, I'm not convinced they're the great conference everyone makes them out to be. Defenses are giving up points left and right, the offenses are wacky and inconsistent, the whole conference is, well, as messed up and dysfunctional as everyone else. Auburn? meh. Tennessee? meh. Alabama? meh.  I don't see any reason for excitement.

Missouri hasn't yet suffered from the Pinkel factor. They'll have a great big showdown with Kansas in the not so distant future. Only one will stand. Whooeee!

UConn keeps winning. Good for them. Keep thinking they'll lose and wait for basketball season and they go and win again. Can someone do something about this?

Given what I've said about LSU, Texas really doesn't deserve to be 12th, do they?