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Blogpoll Roundtable - Coaches: Love, Hate or Dismemberment?

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Welcome to a blogpoll roundtable. The coaches this week are about your relationship with your coach(es). I'm curious as to how the rest of all y'all feel about your coaches. Maybe it's that "misery loves company". Maybe I'm just bitter that your relationship right now has to be better than mine.

Here's your questions. Please post your replies in the comments section, and let's have fun with this one.

Pete Carroll went to college from the NFL and turned USC into a huge success. This lead to a bunch of copy-cats: Bill Callahan at Nebraska, Charlie Weis at Notre Dame, Dave Wannastache at Pitt, Greg Robinson at Syracuse among them. All of them are failing, some like Callahan and Weis are failures of historical proportions. Give reasons as to why you think these coaches have failed.

If you were the coach of a failing team and walked outside to discover someone planting a "For Sale" sign in your yard, would you (one answer only, please):

  • A -  Listen to them explain their actions in an understanding and calm demeanor
  • B - Ignore them, then remove the sign after they've left your yard
  • C - Yell at them to "Get the Hell Out Of My Yard!"
  • D - Call the police and tell them you've shot a prowler.....
  • E - Invite them in, then bury them in the basement with the rest

Every coach has a habit that annoys their fans. Bill Callahan says "No question" at the beginning of nearly every answer he gives. What's your coach's most annoying trait?

Have you ever contacted your school's coach or athletic department to voice your happiness or displeasure? Explain.

Please respond with the answer that most closely describes your feeling about your current coach:

You have one question of any subject you can ask any member of your school's coaching staff. What is it and to whom is it directed?